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MAFIA Code Documentation




Linux Compilation

  1. ./configure
  2. make

Windows Compilation

  1. Use cygwin and follow the Linux instructions or
  2. Use a Windows Compiler or IDE (such as Visual Studio) to compile the source code.

Directory Structure

admin/ Contains config files for compiling. Should not be altered.
src/ Contains all of source code for MAFIA
Class for reading transactions from ASCII datasets
Class for writing itemsets to file output
Simple bitmap class for name bitmaps
Main bitmap class for transaction bitmaps
src/Mafia.cpp Main class file with most of the MAFIA code
src/Tables.h Stores precomputed lookup tables (not included in documentation due to very large tables)
src/TreeNode.h Class for representing nodes in the search tree
INSTALL Generic installation instructions for Linux/Unix
mafia.{kdevprj,kdevses} KDevelop project files for Linux
README Pointer this page

Program Usage

    Usage: mafia [-mfi/-fci/-fi] [min sup (percent)]
            [-ascii/-binary] [input filename]
            [output filename (optional)]
    Ex: mafia -mfi .5 -ascii connect4.ascii mfi.txt
    Ex: mafia -mfi .3 -binary chess.binary

File Input

Datasets can be in ASCII or binary format. For ASCII files, the file format must be:
    [item_id_1] [item_id_2] ... [item_id_n]

Items do not have to be sorted within each transaction. Items are separated by spaces and each transaction should end with a newline, e.g.

    1 4 2
    2 8 9 4
    2 5

For binary files, the file format must be:

    [custid][transid][number of items][itemid_1][itemid_2] ... [itemid_n]

The custid and transid numbers are ignored at this time. Since the file is in binary format, all numbers are read as integers.


Download Datasets-ascii.tar.gz or Datasets-binary.tar.gz for the full set of datasets used for testing:

Program Output

The frequent itemsets outputted by the program are in ASCII form with the following format:
    [item_id_1] [item_id_2] ... [item_id_n] [(support)]
    28 64 42 60 40 29 52 58 (966)
    46 64 42 3 25 9 5 48 66 56 34 62 7 36 60 40 29 52 58 (962)
    39 36 40 29 52 58 (960)

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