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Mafia.cpp File Reference

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <time.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <list>
#include <vector>
#include <algorithm>
#include <string>
#include <assert.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <map>
#include "Bitmap.h"
#include "TreeNode.h"
#include "Transaction.h"
#include "ItemsetOutput.h"

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namespace  std

Data Structures

class  SubtreeEstimate
 Simple class for storing subtree size estimates. More...

class  TailElement
 Simple class for storing tail elements of each node of the tree. More...


typedef vector< TreeNode * > NodeList
typedef vector< TreeNode * > BranchList
typedef vector< Bitmap * > BitmapList
typedef vector< BaseBitmap * > BaseBitmapList
typedef vector< int > ItemSet
typedef map< long, ItemSet * > HashTable


void AddToF1 (TreeNode *newNode)
 Insert pointer to node in order of increasing support.

void F1UsingProb (double P)
 Create bitmaps filled randomly with probability p.

void F1FromFile (char *filename, bool isAsciiFile)
 Read transaction data from file and build item bitmaps.

void PrintMFI ()
 To print the MFI data out to an ASCII file with each entry having the format: [list of items in MFI entry...] [(support)].

bool LMFISuperSet (TreeNode *location)
 Check for an existing superset of name in the MFI.

void AddToFI (TreeNode *C)
 Output itemset (don't need to save bitmaps for FI).

void AddToMFI (TreeNode *C)
 Add this node's name bitmap to the MFI list.

void AddToFCI (TreeNode *C)
 Add this node's name bitmap to the FCI list.

int SortLMFI (int rBegin, int rEnd, int sortBy)
bool CheckHUTMFI (TreeNode *C, int iTAIL)
 Determine whether a HUTMFI is true.

void ReorderTail (TreeNode *C, int &iTAIL, bool useComp, bool &NoChild, bool &AllFreq)
 Dynamically reorder the elements in the tail by increasing support - Expand all children and sort by increasing support - Remove infrequent children.

void NoorderTail (TreeNode *C, int &iTAIL)
 Simply copy over the tail without expanding any of the children for pure DFS (no expansion of all children).

void MAFIA (TreeNode *C, bool HUT, bool &FHUT, bool useComp)
 The main MAFIA algorithm function.

void MergeRepeatedItemsets ()
 Merge repeated itemsets into one combined itemset - e.g.

int main (int argc, char **argv)


string method
 either -mfi or -fci or -fi

char * outFilename
 filename for output

 file for ouput

bool outputMFI = false
 true if MFI should be saved to a file

bool MethodIsFI = false
 true if the method is -fi

bool MethodIsFCI = false
 true if the method is -fci

int ItemCount
 # of items in the file

int TransCount
 # of transactions in the file

double MSF
 user-defined min sup as percentage

int MS
 min sup as a transaction count

int VerScale = 1
 Scaling factor for transactions.

int HorScale = 1
 Scaling factor for items.

bool GoFHUT = true
 FHUT flag.

bool HUTMFI = true
 HUTMFI flag.

bool PEPrune = true
 PEPrune flag -- parent equivalent pruning.

bool Reorder = true
 Reorder flag.

int CountFHUT = 0
 # of times FHUT was successful

int CountNodes = 0
 # of frequent nodes in the tree

int CountCounts = 0
 # of Counts or all nodes in the tree

int CountAnds = 0
 # of ANDs of normal bitmaps

int CountSmallAnds = 0
 # of compressed bitmap ANDs

int CountPEPrunes = 0
 # of PEPruning

int CountCheckPosition = 0
 # of CheckPosition calls

int CountHUTMFI = 0
 # of HUTMFI attempts

int CountHUTMFISuccess = 0
 # of HUTMFI successes

int CountRebuilds
 # of Rebuilds

int maxtail = 0
int MFISize = 0
 MFI size before pruning.

int MFIDepth = 0
 The aggregated depth of the all MFI elements.

int F1size = 0
 # of frequent 1-itemsets after merging repeats

int FullF1size = 0
 # of frequent 1-itemsets

int k = 50
 # of items checked for a MFI lookup

int MAX_compID = 1
 max compression ID

int projectDepth = -1
 depth of the bitmap you're projecting from

int EstimateSize
 size of subtree estimation buffer

int EstimateDiv = 5
 bucket size by frequent tail length

int maxItemsetSize = 0
 max size of a frequent itemset

NodeList F1
 List of frequent 1-itemsets.

BitmapList TransBuffy
 Buffer of transaction bitmaps.

BaseBitmapList NameBuffy
 Buffer of name bitmaps.

NodeList NodeBuffy
 Buffer of tree nodess.

 The root (the nullset).

 global tail pointer

 Common Buffer for tail elements.

 A transaction bitmap filled with ones.

int * ItemMap
 For renaming items after sorting by support.

int * ReverseItemMap
 For remembering the renaming...

BaseBitmapList MFI
 List of Maximally Frequent Itemsets.

HashTable HT
 Hash table of transaction supports.

vector< int > SupportCountList
 List that stores support count.

 Temporary buffer for one name bitmap.

 Buffer of subtree estimates.

int * MFIBySizes
 Buffer for counting MFI by itemset size.

int * ItemsetBuffy
 Buffer for writing itemsets to file output.

time_t total_start
time_t total_finish
double total_time
time_t read_start
time_t read_finish
double read_time
time_t algorithm_start
time_t algorithm_finish
double algorithm_time
time_t print_start
time_t print_finish
double print_time

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